Support Infantry (Sturmtruppe in the Axis) is a class in the original Day of Defeat.


Support Infantry
Primary Weapon

BAR (Allies), Bren (British), MP44 (Axis)


M1911 (Allies), Webley Mk IV (British), Luger (Axis)


One Mk 2 Grenade, Mills Bomb or Stielhandgranate

Melee Weapon

Knife or Spade

Classes in the original Day of Defeat.
Rifleman  •  Staff Sergeant  •  Master Sergeant  •  Sergeant  •  Sniper •  Support Infantry  •  FG42-Zweibein  •  FG42-Zielfernrohr  •  Machine Gunner  •  MG34-Schütze  •  Bazooka  •  Mortar

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